Act V: Paul

Scene 1

(Detroit, Michigan, United States 1966)
(Morpheus is behind the counter of a pawn shop. A sign is hung reading “Detroit Pawn and Loan”. Paul is looking down through the glass case searching)

Can I see that one?

That is a beautiful ring. May I ask who it is for?

My fiance, well hopefully she’ll be my fiance.

Congratulations, but you are so young, what is the rush?

I’m shipping out to Vietnam at the end of the week.


Going to serve my country. We can’t let those commie bastards gain another inch.

Vietnam is no Odyssey, you better understand what your putting your life at risk for.

What do you mean? Isn’t it obvious? We can’t let communism spread, some ideas are just Evil, if Vietnam were to go, so could the entire Asian continent.

In my experience, false ideologies are short lived.

I am willing to fight for my country, for my home, for my family, for my…wife

That is a noble sentiment. Just make sure the leaders who choose your fate are worthy of such nobility.

What about your fiance?

We’ve waited this long to be together, I know she will wait a little longer, we are each others destiny.

SONG CUE: “Odyssey”
CUE: 2 giant inflatable horses (1 stallion and 1 mare) released into the audience.

(lights dim)

(When the lights come back up Morpheus is again at the counter)

Scene 2

(Paul walks back in, looking dejected)

Can I help you?

Can I get my guitar back, you haven’t sold it yet have you?
(Paul hands the ring to Morpheus)

No, but why, are you not satisfied with the ring?

No, it’s not that. I stopped by to surprise my girl, and, that no good skank was riding my best friend like a wild stallion.

Are you ok son, can I get you a drink?

I just don’t know anymore man, none of it makes sense. I was so sure, now I’m so confused.

Trust is a valuable thing. Make sure it is earned before you give it away so freely.
Times are changing son, I suggest you look around, see what is going on, embrace your youth.

I can’t trust anyone anymore…What have I done? How do I know if what they’re saying is the truth? Run around a jungle shooting at other people, getting shot at, all because they think differently? I don’t know if it makes sense anymore.

When you are unsure it is always better to err on the side of Love over Hate.
(Morpheus hands Paul his guitar back)

Love, yeah…Love…make Love not war man..Thanks… for everything
(Paul leaves store)

SONG CUE: “Makin Love”.
VIDEO: Montage of Paul leading anti-war protests and enjoying free love, Woodstock, etc

Scene 3
(Detroit, Michigan, United States 1971)
(Paul staggers into the pawn shop again, clearly under the influence of something)

Hey man, what can I get for this guitar and amps.

What difference does it make? You’ll be back soon enough. So you can go out and get something to numb yourself, bring yourself closer to annihilation.
Son, what happened to you? What happened to the promising young man who came in here not so long ago.

What happened to me? You happened to me. I once believed in something, I once was willing to die for what I believed in. If there is nothing worth dying for then there is nothing worth living for. Haven’t you heard man, God is dead. There is nothing left to believe in, no morality, no religion, no good, no evil, everything is just…empty. I’m just trying my best to get through life, and if you aren’t going to help me out then I’ll find someone who can.

(Paul exits stage)

Scene 4
(Car is on the stage and Paul stumbles to the car and gets in)

SONG CUE: “Detroit Rock City”
VIDEO: Shots of car racing through Detroit
(Paul drives car, at the end of the song the car rolls over)

(Morpheus walks onto stage and pulls Paul out of wreckage)

(Song is played in the background while Morpheus performs his monolog: Instrumental that starts the song “I Walk Alone” is looped)
VIDEO: Shots of the beauty of the world

Stupid Boy! Nothing to live for? After all this time, I still do not understand humanity. Why do you need darkness for there to be light, hate for there to be love? Why must you believe in Satan to believe in God. Why must you believe in Evil to believe in Good? You seek out Evil, though it is nowhere. Nature is not Evil, other men are not Evil, your thoughts are not Evil, your ideas are not Evil. You were not born Evil, it is not part of your DNA, your subconscious.

You need something to believe in? Believe that there is good in everything, in everyone, that all of creation is perfect from the tiniest insect to the largest star. Believe that if you can only understand that which is unclear then you will see that there is no part of yourself, anyone, or anything that is Evil. Believe in love, love of yourself and love of all of humanity, love of all that surrounds you. Believe that we are all one, see your face reflected on every continent

If you must seek something then seek truth, seek to remove the unknown from yourself, from others, from your world, for I promise you where light is brought to darkness there will be beauty there. Do not cower in fear or shame of the unknown.

Seek everyday to know better how to live completely… to live, even if just one day, before you die.

SONG CUE: “Within”

What? I’m alive? How…

Never mind that, we need to get you out of here. There will be too many questions to answer.

But where? What can we do now?

We’re going to New York. We are going to start to live and show the rest of this sorry world how it is done.


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