Act IV: Gene

Scene 1

(Rome 1400 AD)
(Scene opens up with Gene in a robe with a piece of parchment and a quill in his hand making notes)
(Two piles of various art sculptures and paintings sit to his left and right. There are is a sign of “Good” over the pile to the right and “Evil” over the pile on the left.)
(Gene picks up a piece of art and examines it for a moment and then gets a perverted smile on his face. He quickly flogs himself with a whip and then puts the art to the left shaking his head)
(This continues for a few pieces of art with Gene determining either good or evil)

(Morpheus walks on stage as Gene is flogging himself)

Good Lord man, what are you doing?

Good Lord indeed. I am sorting this art, we wouldn’t want anything questionable making it’s way into the Vatican’s collection.

And the whipping? The flogging?

As Saint Paul said: “Put to death what is earthly in you: fornication, impurity, passion, evil desire”
In other words: you do the crime
(Gene molests a female Greek statue with great zeal)
You gotta do the time
(Gene flogs himself)

SONG CUE: “Sweet Pain”

Say, I haven’t seen you around the Vatican before, what order are you from?

Umm, oh yes, the uh, the order of Rosaceae out in Florence.

Never heard of it. So how do you guys work the demons out over there in Florence?


Yeah, evil thoughts, you know. Don’t tell me you guys don’t ever get a little hot under the covers.

Oh, and that is evil is it?

Sure. Not our fault though, we are born sinners. Original sin, that damn bitch Eve, she screwed us all.

Oh, yes, Garden Of Eden, forbidden apple, I see

Wow, you guys are a little slow on the uptake huh…you haven’t been sampling the communion wine a little too much have you?

You know, there are alternative interpretations to the book of Genesis. Not everyone believes that all of our problems are a punishment from God for betraying his orders.

You don’t say, is that what they teach you guys in Florence?

It occurs to me that the only thing that is Evil is the idea of Good and Evil at all. That some thoughts are sanctified and some are forbidden. If, perhaps, we were to embrace all that is the Lords creation then maybe we would be living in a paradise.

What you say is heresy.

Tell, me what is more of a heresy, enjoying the beauty that God has endowed his children.
(Morpheus picks up a work of art from the Evil pile)
Or having the balls to judge God’s work as Evil.

(Gene grabs the piece of art from Morpheus, enjoying it fully)
Well, you’ve convinced me. Where do I sign up the order of, what did you say it was?

Oh yes, the Rosaceae. The Order of the Rose. Come with me, there is much to learn.

VIDEO: Montage of Gene with Renaissance artists, philosophers, in Rome and beyond


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