Characters – Overall

Morpheus – A new member of the Council of the Rose who has been assigned earth as his first project. While the members of the band move the plot along through history, the transformation of Morpheus and his understanding of the nature of man and good and evil is the driving force of the performance.

Ace – An extra terrestrial taxi driver from an advanced alien culture who is brought to earth by Morpheus at the dawn of human civilization. Ace helps man achieve the scientific and engineering feats necessary for humanity to advance from a primitive tribal culture to the height of the Roman empire.

Peter – A member of the Goths during the Roman era. Peter rebels against his parents and the norms of the Goths, preferring to style himself as a Roman, believing the Romans to be a more advanced culture. The Goths were a pagan nomadic tribe who were being pushed westward toward the Danube river by the Huns around 376 BC. The Goths negotiated a deal with the Romans to allow them to cross the Danube into the Roman empire. Once they entered the Roman empire they were held in a garrison, meant as temporary holding area, and faced starvation and enslavement by the Romans. Peter escapes the garrison where he is confronted by Morpheus. Peter finally embraces the Goth culture and leads the rebellion of the Goths and ultimately the decline of the Roman Empire.

Eric – Friend to Peter and fellow Goth. He is used as a foil for the Peter character.

Gene – A priest in Middle Ages Rome. His character is a spoof on the albino monk Silas from the “Divinci Code” novels who practices severe corporal mortification. Gene, naturally, has many impure thoughts involving all varieties of females. Gene is obligated to punish himself for each thought, with an intensity equaling the depravity of the thought. After a conversation with Morpheus, he corrupts the youth of Rome and surrounding Italy by showing them the beauty that they had been denying themselves due to the oppression of the church. His influence leads to the end of the Dark Ages and dawning of the Renaissance.

Paul – A commie hating member of the young conservatives preparing to go to the Vietnam War and marrying his high school sweet heart. He eventually dodges the draft and embraces the hippie culture of free love leading the protests that stop the escalation of the war in Vietnam. The protests help prevent a third world war.


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